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Design and Engineering

CMC Rescue’s full-time engineering department is responsible for product design, quality assurance, design documentation, testing, and coordinating the certification of products to industry standards. Combining engineering principles with experience gained in the field has made CMC Rescue a leader in the design and manufacture of rescue equipment. CMC Rescue also contributes engineering staff time to NFPA, ASTM, SPRAT, and the Cordage Institute and other organizations working to develop national standards.

CMC’s ongoing testing program is also key to the quality of our products. In order to know how to make products stronger, you have to break them. If you’re going to make products perform better, you have to use them. Our testing program includes in-house testing, field testing by our instructors and engineering staff, and additional test support from key manufacturers. CMC verifies in-house testing through independent laboratories and certification organizations.




CMC Rescue created it's manufacturing division when they were unable to locate specialized pieces of equipment that we felt should have been available to rescuers. Today, all CMC Rescue, CMC ProSeries, CMC ProTech, and CMC/Roco Industrial Rescue Brand Harnesses, Straps, Packs, and Bags are manufactured at our Santa Barbara, California facility.

CMC Rescue has learned that it takes much more than a sewing machine and some material to produce life support products. It requires highly trained production personnel, and a quality-based inspection program backed by a sound design and engineering.

Much of the CMC Rescue reputation has been based on a sales staff knowledgeable in how to use the equipment. CMC's philosophy of educating the customer rather than just providing a sales pitch, grew into their school program. CMC also learns from teaching, and this knowledge of our customers’ needs and problems is fed back into our product development program.

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Malaysian Dealer & Distributor

The Outdoor Centre S/B is the Malaysian Sole Distributor for the CMC products. Explorer Outfitter S/B is a major dealer in Malaysia.